First and foremost the western world should know that the Moroccan regime bases its legitimacy on selfies and photos ops in another way the corrupt regime uses the pictures taken with western heads of states and Europeans representatifs as an approval for its dictatorship behaviors ,and human rights abuses, If you think that by parading the little anemic adopted Moroccan prince, you will prepare the succession to the dictator who ruins Morocco, terrorizes Europe and plunders Africa, think again,you are royally wrong and out of your mind, the Moroccan people will not be had a second time around, as was the case with the octopus the king, after the bloody Hassan2 death’s  .the corrupt regime has dazzled the people to the effect that the octopus king” Momo Sick” is a wind of democracy and change, all that the people had a dictatorship of the worst kind with a dictator who ravaged the country, taking all the wealth, sheltering colossal sums in tax havens, prisons are crowded, hospitals and schools dilapidated, populations poor, unemployment and suicide record high, the export of illegal products, the export of..............
the export of terrorism, mercenary war in Yemen, a calamity, a bankrupt economy, dizzying debts, immolation in everyday life, the corruption endemic ........, and the octopus king  no longer lives in the country, he comes from time to time to lull the mass that is already anesthetized by religion ........, As an advice to the western world Do not even try to defraud Moroccans yet another time of their basic rights by supporting the Moroccan mafia and terrorist regime, it’s a criminal and a terrorist regime, just take a look at the devastation in Europe by using religion as a Trojan horse, and mosques as safe houses, we know the accomplices, we’re observing and taking notes, the time will come that the criminals of the Moroccan regime and their foreign accomplices especially the "French connection" (their album is presented in the page "The king’s record” And they will face accusations of crimes against humanity for participation in the slow pace genocide of the Moroccan people.


The 20 years sentence for JAMAL WALD ABD_ANNABI is a regime’s test for your resolve ,the regime wants to gauge your reaction, if you don't protest their 20 years criminal sentence for JAMAL,  it's a signal to the corrupt regime to burry ZAFZAFI and his colleagues which mean they will sentence them too to twenty years or more or on the other hand they will give them 5 or ten years which a lot either way, and people will say : well it's better than 20 years and at the same time by doing so the regime is putting pressure on the political prisoners to sign on concessions and give up the fight,and the prisoners already gave a signal to the regime they're willing to negotiate, immediately after JAMAL's sentence,don't let the..
Criminals get away with their crime so it’s up to you  colleagues outside to put pressure on the regime’s thugs to stop the oppression and the criminal behavior, and release the prisoners if you don’t continue the fight you’re done, the regime will roll over you like a bulldozer on a fly the Moroccan and his thugs are under pressure from the west and it’s isolated ,so don’t give them a space to breath keep up the fight ,we’re doing our part to denounce the terrorist regime in north America and Europe and we’re not stopping until the octopus king’s regime disappears to its right place which means the history’s garbage .and this message to the octopus king by you hiding or traveling abroad wouldn’t save you and your mafia from prosecution which imminent.


Dear sheep, it is not my fault, it is the dog that ate my homework and, under my rule, Morocco, has acquired many reputations and the know-how, such as terrorism, immolation, Corruption, torture, poverty, prostitution, pedophilia, oppression, lying, cheating, but do not worry We are an emerging nation, and if you complain, you will have a coca-cola or seven-up, the choice is up to you, it's your ass, not mine, so until the next vomit, shut the fuck up and let me do my dirty job which Means, ripping you off, blah blah.blah.The guy is out of it, he thinks that he is.....
 smart or at least his speech writer or lets say his vomit maker, he throws up Africa to change the subject from the protest in Morocco in general and RIFF in particular,and he talked about Africa cause that's where he stashed the stolen money , so when he goes there as often as he did, he can put it on Morocco's back ,his argument it's for the Sahara wink...wink, he said that Moroccans who criticized him for his decision about Africa, they don't have Morocco interest at heart what he meant to say is that they don't have the octopus king's interest at heart dumb about the political prisoners, or Imad's murderers, or zafzafi's video, or the terrorists acts in Spain or,,,or, thirsty people all over the regions....the country is going to hell in a handbasket and the stupid dictator vomiting the usual crap and ruminating  about other countries can you believe it.


The octopus king's electronic militia put out some fake news to test the water if the octopus king can visit Al-Hoceima and celebrate the king and people revolution crap, but he is scared it will be people’s revolution on the octopus king, and honestly if he has a gram of honesty he wouldn’t put his foot in Al-Hoceima after what he did to its people Rifis the heroes  and still torturing them, what a coward dictator, he is hiding like a rat ,and by the way the news disseminated by the yellow press, to the effect that he is in Saadia or somewhere else it’s just propaganda, and the reason he is scared for his security like a little girl, and the proof the pictures shown, are from the archives, what a weasel.


Under the octopus king’s demagoguery crap, Morocco became a household name in terrorism, dishonesty, immolation, illicit export, capital flight, and the list go on and on it's never ending disaster……Morocco it’s a failed state maintained alive artificially, there is no terrorist act without Moroccans implicated in a way or another, and this is a direct result of the octopus king’s religious indoctrination, he uses religion to put the mass to sleep, and as a result you have unintended consequences (doubt it) zombies popping up all over the world even Moroccans in the Philippines, if the West didn’t get the message yet that’s the Moroccan dictator causing havoc, and he sends condolences messages to
the victim’s authorities, knowing that he is the instigator in a way, well you cannot have  a different outcome if all the octopus king  is doing is screwing the Moroccan people by taking their lively hood, and building mosques to house Moroccans like a sheep, instead of  building schools ,hospitals…well for 40million people you have almost 60 000 mosques so what you expect, he damaged religion beyond repair, this is the time that the western world put an end to this dictator madness, he ruined the country and he is the arsonist playing the fireman with the Europeans and the Americans, enough is enough. Which is certain in the aftermath of the attacks, we’ll read in the Moroccan yellow press, that the Moroccan intelligence services have provided some information to their Spanish counterparts and Bla Bla Bla, the hogwash that will not bring back the victims of this barbaric act, The solution is to end the dictatorship in Morocco, automatically it will put an end to the terrorist acts committed by the Moroccans, in other words, the majority of it.


Another attempted diversion from the bloodthirsty regime, to put Morocco's candidature at the World Cup when the country not even  able to solve the population’s  problem of, corruption, repression, abject poverty, unemployment, hospitals, schools, Political prisoners, the wave of thirst, but this regime of criminals has money to give away to lobbying agencies for an event that the regime has no chance, given its known reputation in the world of corruption, cunning , And dishonesty, and even more now with the current situation than ever, But this is the opportunity for the mafia regime to make its propaganda as well as misleading advertising about Morocco with the lying refrain, democracy, development, human rights, otherwise the opposite what happens in reality, the regime still makes the hook policy once the fish caught it changed the subject, what we
call bait and switch, this regime was not even able to organize the Africa's Cup of nations which the requirement of this organization is much less than that of the world cup’s, remember the fiasco ALKARRATA cost 22 billion, the sinister (minister) in question who was promoted president of the parliament (PARLE ET MENT) instead of having a place in the oukacha Gulag, then what brings us to the conclusion that the regime is seeking to divert the people’s attention from  the real problems simply we will not even entrust to them the organization of a Neighborhood’s tournament, and everyone knows why? They are simply thieves and crooks. So we ask our compatriots to ignore this masquerade and to stay focused on the real problems that mean the release of the political prisoners and to kick out the octopus king and his regime of thugs.
محاولة أخرى من الملك الأخطبوط
محاولة أخرى تسريب من النظام المتعطش للدماء، لترشيح المغرب في كأس العالم عندما لم تتمكن البلاد حتى من حل مشكلة السكان والفساد والقمع والفقر المدقع والبطالة والمستشفيات والمدارس والسجناء السياسيين وموجة العطش، ولكن هذا النظام  المجرم لديه المال لد فعه  لوكالات الضغط رغم أن النظام ليس لديه حض، نظرا لسمعته المعروفة في عالم الفساد، الماكرة، وخيانة الأمانة، وأكثر الآن مع الوضع الحالي من أي وقت مضى، و النظام لا يزال يجعل سياسة الصنا رة حين الأسماك تبلع يتم تغيير الموضوع، ما نسميه الطعم التبديل لم يكن هذا النظام حتى قادر على تنظيم كأس أفريقيا و التي شرو ط هذه المنظمة أقل بكثير من تلك في كأس العالم، وتذكرو كارتة "ألكاراتا" تكلفت 22 مليار،  الوزيغ المسؤال الذي كان ترقى لرئاسة البغلمان  بدلا من أن يكون له مكان في زنزنة عوكشا غو ا تنمو، ثم ما يقودنا إلى خلاصة  الأمر أن النظام يسعى إلى تحويل انتباه الناس عن المشاكل الحقيقية ببساطة لن نكلفهم حتى بتنظيم بطولة الحي، والجميع يعرف لماذا؟ هم ببساطة لصوص. لذلك نطلب من مواطنينا تجاهل هذا المهزلة والتركيز على المشاكل الحقيقية التي تعني الإفراج عن السجناء السياسيين وطرد الملك الأخطبوط ونظامه من البلاد.
ثورة الشعب

ستكون ثورة الشعب على الملك الأخطبوط

وضعت ميليشيا الإلكترونية لملك الأخطبوط من بعض الأخبار الوهمية لاختبار المياه إذا كان الملك الأخطبوط  يمكن زيارة الحسيمة واحتفال بثورة الملك و الشعب، لكنه خائف ان ستكون ثورة الشعب على الملك الأخطبوط، وبصراحة إذا كان لديه القليل من الصد ق انه لن يضع قدمه في الحسيمة بعد ما فعله لشعبها الريفي البطل ولا يزال تعذيبهم، انه ديكتاتور جبان، و انه يختبئ مثل الفئران، وبالمناسبة الأخبار التي نشرتها الصحافة الصفراء، مؤداها أنه في السعدية أو في مكان آخر انها مجرد دعاية، والسبب هو خائف على أمنه مثل فتاة صغيرة، والدليل على ذا لك الصور المعروضة، هي من المحفوظات، انه حقير

. جديد اعتبارا من اليوم في 02 / أكتوبر / 2017 الملك ألاخطبوط هو كذ ا ب و أضفنا رابط إلى كتاب بالعربية “الملك المفترس //////الجديد في 08 سبتمبر 2017 السبب الملك الأخطبوط يختبئ، وليس عملية العين، هو شيء آخر. اضغط على صفحة اليوم لمعرفة الحقيقة. /// /1 أيلول / سبتمبر 2017 كنداء استدعاء إلى الغرب أضفنا صفحة “صانع الإرهاب”/ على الهجمات. الإرهابية والهيمنة المغربية في ارتكاب هذه الأعمال الشنيعة//// في 20 / أوغست / 2017 ستكون ثورة الشعب على الملك وليست بثورة الملك و الشعب ************8/ أغسطس 2017 تعازينا للعائلة ولزملائي شهي الحراك. عماد العتابي ضحية نظام الملك الأخطبوط المفرط السيد عماد العتابي توفي قبل أكثر من عشرة أيام ولكن النظام لم يريد أن يعلن الأخبار الرهيبة لتجنب تفاقم. الوضع في وسط ثورة المواطنين المغاربة الأعزاء .لا تؤمنون ببلطجية هذا النظام، وذريعة التحقيق هي الحيلة المعتادة لتفريغ غضب الشعب ا *********اليوم في 05 / أغسطس 2017 في الصفحة دجاد ***********معلومات جديدة والسبب وراء اكتساب القصر في واشنطن العاصمة من قبل النظام المغربي لعمة الملك الأخطبوط سفيرة النظام الغير المؤهلة في الولايات المتحدة جديد في 03 / أغسطس / 2017: الملك الأخطبوط وبلطجته أعد و هجوم للداخل والخارج، والملك الأخطبوط يأخذ التهديد للإطاحة به على محمل الجد، وقراءة النص بالتفصيل محتوى هذا الهجوم. **** لجميع مواطنينا المغاربة النسخة العربية من موقع الجمهورية المغربية على شبكة الانترنت في صنع، وسوف تكون جاهزة في الأيام المقبلة، وشكرا لكم جميعا على تفهمكم، ومشاركتكم لجعل سماع صوت الجمهورية المغربية وهز القبو الملكي الفاسد و من خلال القيام بذلك مطاردة النظام الدكتاتوري من السلطة وتحقيق مغرب عادل وديمقراطي للجميع.


رد هام على الخطاب

رد هام على الخطاب
الملك الأخطبوط في وضع الذعر الكامل، يمكنك أن ترى له وامض عينيه مثل مجنون ويلهث كانه في طريقه إلى الخضوع لسكتة قلبية بالضبط في أثناء النشيد الوطني بين 1 دقيقة و 25 ثانية إلى 1 دقيقة و 30 ثانية, لم نكن مخطئين، كما توقعنا ذلك، بدأ الملك الأخطبوط يتقيأ نفس الحماقة القديمة اللوم للجميع غير أن الجاني الحقيقي، هو نفسه، لأنه ينزف البلاد جافة، وقد فر من البلاد عندما كان المغاربة لحاجة اليه أكثر، وانه ليس مهتما بالناس، والكلام القديم القديم القديم، والكلام النعاس، ولديه الشجاعة لقراءة قيءه، طفل عمره 4 سنوات يمكن أن يفعل أفضل، وكأن المغاربة يعيشون وراء الشمس، ونحن لدينا أخبار الى الملك الأخطبوط أن الإفراج عن السجناء السياسيين وحدها لن تكفي، عليه أن يتخلى عن السلطة لانه لا يستطيع التعامل مع الحرارة  فيجب عليه الخروج من المطبخ، سوى انه يريد أم لا، وإعادة الأموال المسروقة للمغاربة من الخارج، أرا د أم كره، مع أمر من المحكمة الدولية، انها الأموال المغربية، هو لص، مجرم حرب، ودكتاتور، والكلاب الذين يساعدونه على قيادة البلاد إلى الجدار، انها فرصة من د هب لنصر الحق. و لا تنسى أن البغايا سوف يذهبن إلى الحديث الشاذ بأن الملك عبقري وكان الكلام قطعة فنية، و الملك الأخطبوط هو نسخة من آينشتاين.
استراتيجية الملك الأخطبوط وبلطجته-01
قام الملك الأخطبوط وبلطجته بوضع استراتيجية للإعلام والهجوم التقديمي داخل وخارج البلاد، من خلال إبراز المغتصب الأزرق الملكي رشيد لأخذ صور شخصية في الشاطئ في إعدادات مدبرة، وضرب يوتيوب وآخرون لإغراق شبكة الإنترنت بالسنانير الجديدة التي ليس لها قاعدة صادقة، ثم تبدأ تبوريد ة، فإن الملك الأخطبوط رفض هذا الوزير أو مثل هذا المسؤول، وتتضاعف لعب التحقيقات، ولكن في الواقع فقط السنانير لتفريغ غضب الشعب ومتوسط ​​المغربي لديه ذاكرة سمكة حمراء، وهو ما يعني ثلاث ثوان و المغاربة يلدغون في جميع الأوقات، أو حتى الخرموشي الإجرامي الذي رعب سجناء تمارا وغيرها من سجون الموت، و معلومات جانبية لم يضع قدمه في الاليزيه في رئاسة ماكاروني، كانت الصورة المنشورة في الصحف الصفراء هي المحفوظات، وهذا الخرموشي مع الخريان سوف تفعل لنشر الاعتقالات من الأشرار الصغار، مع اتهامات على استعداد لتنسيق في الوقت نفسه لنسق هجمات بالطاجا / تشرميل في المناطق الشعبية لإرسال رسالة صريحة إلى السكان أنه من دون مجرمي الملك الأخطبوط ومجرمه الأ كبر خرموشي  لن يكون هناك سلام وبعبارة أخرى أنها تقمع الناس حتى يطلبون الحماية ويمر الملك الأخطبوط لمن يضمن السلام الاجتماعي ولكن في الواقع هو أول إرهابي في البلاد، مجرد إلقاء نظرة على ما فعله في الريفيين، والاستراتيجية الهجومية الأخرى النظام هو بالفعل نظرا للتعامل مع
استراتيجية الملك الأخطبوط وبلطجته-02
الدعاية في الخارج تحت غطاء النظام يريد التعامل مع مشالكل المغاربة المقيمين في الخارج) ولكن في الواقع الملك  الأخطبوط  سوف يرسل كذ ا بيه المبرمجين إلى البلدان الأ جنبية ، بهدف التحقيق في مشاعر المغارية وفي الوقت نفسه للاستفسار عن معلومات عن المنشقين عن طريق وضع كلاب المنصوري  على المدارج، و المكان الرئيسي هم المساجد، كانأ، وبغض النظر عن زعماء الدول المضيفة في نفس الوقت، مع أغنية خادعة أن المغرب هو استثناء وبلد في الديمقراطية التقدمية و بلا بلا بلا، والبلاد هي المدخل إلى أفريقيا، ولكن رجا ل الأعمال لا يعرفون أن الشركات بوضع القدم في المغرب يجب أن ينضمو ن إلى المافيا المغربية، وهذا يعني الملك الأخطبوط وقواده. الجميع يعرف الآن الامتناع عن ظهر قلب، وهذه الكلاب  النباحة لا تمثل البلاد عندما يتحدثون أ ما م المسؤولين الحكوميين أو غيرهم في البلدان المضيفة، دائما الأخطبوط الملك ملكه الحكيم وضعت البلاد في  الطريق الديمقراطية  كما  أ ن المغاربة غير موجودين حتى الآن، لكن الفقراء  يعاملون على هذا النحو على أي حال، ولكن في الواقع هو القرف ببساطة مع التعبئة والتغليف وسائل الإعلام، ولكننا سوف نواجهها لوضع الاحتيال على مرأى ومعرفة الجميع، و قبل كل شيء لكشف الأخطبوط الملك وكبار الكدابين، والخنزير العمراني وأخيرا كل هذا، يثبت أن الملك الأخطبوط هو يخاف على حياته وأنه يأخذ المعلومات من الإطاحة به على محمل الجد، وإذا لاحظت الخطاب أشار إلى ثقته في بلطجية الأمن ، لأنه عندما هرب من  المغرب، كانت هناك معلومات تتداول على أثر تمرد في القصر مع الكشف عن مرضه الذي أبقى سرا تحت ختم، حتى انه لم يأخذ فرصة وانقذ نفسه عن طريق الاقلاع كالفأ ر  .


The octopus king in full panic mode, you can see him blinking his eyes like a madman and hyperventilating, exactly at during the national  anthem between 1 minute and 25 seconds to 1 minute and 30 seconds we had the impression that he was going to undergo a cardiac arrest, And we were not mistaken, as we predicted it, the octopus king went on  puking the old same crap blamed everybody else but the real culprit, and that's himself, he is bleeding the country dry, fleeing the country when he was needed the most, and he doesn't give a hoot about the people, old same old rhetoric, and sleepy talk ,and he has the guts to read his vomit, a 4 years old kid can do better, like if Moroccans are living behind the sun, we have news for the octopus king releasing the political prisoners alone wouldn't cut it, he has to relinquish power he cannot handle the heat so he should get out of the kitchen , he wants to or not, bring back the stolen monies from abroad, like it or not it will be done ,with the international court order, it’s the Moroccan’s monies ,he is a thief, a war criminal, and a dictator, And the dogs who are helping him driving the country to the wall, it’s your last chance to right the wrong. And don’t forget the prostitutes will go on the shitty talk that the king is a genius and the speech was a piece of art, and the octopus king is an Einstein reincarnation.



The octopus king and his thugs have concocted a strategy of media and presentative offensive inside and outside the country, inside by bringing out the royal blue rapist Rachid to take selfies in the beach in orchestrated settings, and multiplying YouTube and Others to flood the web with the new hooks, that have no truthful base, then the rodeo will start, The octopus king will dismiss such a minister or such a responsible, and the investigations cans multiply, but in reality just Hooks to deflate the people’s anger and as the average Moroccan has a memory of goldfish, which means three seconds so the Moroccans bite at all times, or even the criminal kharmouchi who terrorized the prisoners of Tamara and other gulags , And as side information he  did not set a foot at the Elysee in MACARONI presidency , the photo published in the yellow newspapers was archives, this kharmouchi with el kharyane will do To publicize  the arrests of the little villains, with accusations ready to carry terrorism and others it is not the choice which is lacking, and at the same time to orchestrate attacks of baltajas / charmalas in populace
districts to send an explicit message to the population that Without the octopus king’s thugs and his criminal lieutenant kharmouchi there will be no peace in other words they terrorize people so that they ask for protection and The octopus king passes for the one who guarantees social peace but in reality he Is the country's first terrorist, just take a look what he did to the riffis in Aid above all ,and the other offensive strategy the order is already given to deal with propaganda abroad under the cover that the regime wants to deal with the MRA (Moroccans Residing Abroad) grievances ,But this idiot the rat of Morocco knows that the problem is inside the country and it is his own existence, MREs are well or they do not need the help of incompetent corrupt dishonest, who work with tricks, lies, and corruption, deception , they are the worst kind, and the MREs that swing around these scum bags do not deserve to live in a democracy, while they’re supporting the dictatorship back home, the octopus king’s pathological liars they Create problems that were non-existent before their passages but indeed The octopus king will dispatch  his  pathological liars in the countries with a non-negligible Moroccan community, with the aim of probing the feelings of the MRA and at the same time to inquire about the Information on dissidents by putting Man-souri (Man-rat) DGED sniffers on the runways, the key word is the mosques, imams, sneaks snitches (aaiachas), and by putting  asleep the leaders of the host countries at the same time  , With the deceptive song that Morocco is an exception and a country in progressive  democracy and Bla Bla Bla,
and the country is the gateway to Africa, but business do not know that for companies to set foot in Morocco they  must associate themselves with the Moroccan mafia, that is to say, The octopus king and his pimps. Everybody now knows the lying refrains by heart, and these dogs that bark do not represent the country when they speak and address government officials or others in the host countries, always naming The octopus king his molesty  developed  the country his molesty  democratized Morocco, as if the people did not even exist, well the poor people used to be treated this way anyway, but in reality it is shit simply with media packaging , But we are going to counter them to put their fraud in the sight and knowledge of everyone, and above all to unmask the octopus king ‘s fatal pathological liar ,the pig HAmrani and finally all this, proves that The octopus king is Afraid for his life and he takes the information of his overthrow seriously, and if you notice the speech referred to his confidence in his security thugs, because when he fled the country , There was information circulating to the effect of a mutiny at the palace with the disclosure of his illness which was kept secret under seal, so he did not take a chance and he saved himself by taking off as a rat and As a coward that what he is.



Dear compatriots  the problem of the riff is not the exception but it is the rule to the extent of Morocco, our compatriots Rifis stood up, then it does not  make a sense that The majority of the country remain on its knees, the purpose is to send a clear and unequivocal message to the octopus king about the fraud that has committed, for two decades has expired, and the Moroccans will say Enough is Enough, Enough of the poverty while the riches of the country are sucked up by the octopus king  and his thugs, Enough the country is up to his eyeballs in debt, enough of the same ridiculous excuses, The  octopus king is angry, The octopus king is constipated, The  octopus king is dumb. The octopus king takes selfies like a teenager, The octopus king steals millions of one hand and gives the baskets of the misery of the other, The octopus king manages his personal business in  Morocco's name using The Sahara conflict as a pretext , while keeping the gains For its mafia organization and sticking the losses on the Moroccans backs for generations to come
The  octopus king, is seriously incompetent, and mentally unstable, he bounces from one depression to fall into another one, and that's why he doesn't talk, and the depression is not the only factor in his mute,another factor a lack of country or world affairs knowledge, in another way incompetence, and he is an MRA (Moroccan Residing Abroad) ,which means that he lived more abroad than in the country , and the only way to make a real change is the Republic, and chase the royal mafia and its thugs from power because the country is heading straight to the wall, and the criminal royal band, do not care, their assets are overseas plus with the new purchase of a luxury US residence valued at $14 million when the country is going to contract another $ 650 million debt to steal it, like a dog that runs after its tail,wag the dog, the infernal cycle of debts, theft of Theft  debts, . .. . And the country is closer to the volcano's mouth than ever, and all the more so the acquisition of this luxurious property is made in the name of Morocco, the octopus king is trying to put us asleep by hiding the true buyer, and not to awaken the suspicions of the Trump administration, which Has sent the octopus king several times to shit ,no meeting or even a selfie  with the president which the octopus king is dying for  , it is known to whom, the octopus king takes us for idiots. So dear compatriots you have to target directly the real culprit, the one who plays empty shells with the Moroccans lives, and he is the octopus king, obviously, he’ll keep on hiding like a rat, and a wimp.



Well here we go, The reason for the free minded people for choosing the REPUBLIC governing system is, most and foremost to democratize Morocco, the only tested and proven way is the REPUBLIC and to let the world know that Morocco as is, it's a deception and not an exception like the regime and his enablers, try to make people believe by their fraudulent talking points, and we have the visual proof and more to back up what we were saying all along ,and
just take a look at the pictures yourself, obviously we couldn't put it all, and it's gut-wrenching, and remember a picture is worth a thousand words ,and each depicted incident, represents thousands and millions of Moroccans who are suffering in silence ,and they are frozen with fear, from the ruthless Moroccan regime consequences ,there are some people floating the parliamentary monarchy ,well it's dead in the water,like putting a band-aid on a cancerous tumor.


We are Moroccans who love the country but hate the corrupt regime, where no schools, no hospitals, torture, slavery, abject poverty, prisons are  jammed packed, prostitution, pedophilia..... a king who is the most paid leader in the world while he is governing, well governing it's a loaded word for him, instead he is traveling most of the year, and all he does is taking selfies like a teenager and scamming one of the poorest countries in the world, by the way, the regime rip off making it the poorest otherwise there is a lot of resources but 90% of it is royal family mafia owned.
And the octopus king is living high on the hog, most of the Moroccan Republicans live nicely abroad and we could do what most of Moroccans in our situation do which mean that they don’t give a damn, not only they go on vacation to show off, but furthermore they exacerbate corruption and injustices by playing the time card excuse, and mostly they love the situation as is cause poor people are impressed and they're attentive to them and add to it that  they are too scared and lazy and they buy the regime scare tactics. Which goes like this, you accept the regime as sick as is or hell argument, by giving the Arabs uprising failure as an example, and scared people they buy the crap, what they don't know is, no pain no gain. Well no more bunch of cowards, take back your human dignity from the Moroccan criminal regime.