As long as the world’s community doesn’t stop these thugs from repressing ,impoverishing ,and dumbing down Moroccans, and imprisoning anybody who stand up to their bullying and corruption ,theft, and spreading egocentric religious demagoguery ,producing a generation of like-minded easy pry for terrorism recruiting, by doing so, these thugs including the octopus king himself ,going around the world ,spreading lies, to the effect that morocco is an exception, and is an island of peace and security, they couldn’t be far from the truth which everybody knows by now, the riff hirak, the thirst wave, the hunger deaths, the none stopping  immolation nightmare and the alarming suicide rate, which becoming.....
the norm, and Moroccans become so numb to the phenomena ,they’re more excited to the MRA(Moroccans Residing Abroad) national Moroccan soccer team corrupt qualifications, than the plight of the country, which on the brink of collapsing, but the Moroccan electronic militia, keep on twisting the truth to hide the social tsunami that will devastate the country, and the crooked regime are forging ahead with the French government and its corrupt elite help straight into the beast sending their pathological liars like Youssef Hmar_ani (حمار)and his criminal colleagues, lying their  heads off while knowing that his crap doesn’t make a sense, but they have the country to sell for cheap in order to keep the octopus king and his acolytes Moroccans and French alike scamming the country and driving it to the ditch, the crooked
Moroccan regime and its French enablers will live to regret their self-serving shenanigan ,regardless of knowing that their actions are putting the Moroccan people through, like repression, illegal immigration ,corruption ,prostitution ,pedophilia ,lack of education and health ,poverty ,which produce ignorance ,and terrorism .it’s mind bugling how the Europeans in general and the French in particular ,knowing that the Moroccan regime is ricking havoc on the country and the continent ,and still encouraging the octopus king and his criminal gang driving the country to the wall ,which its pieces will end up around the world and mostly in  Europe, hopefully the European people will push their corrupt elite to cut the crap ,and stop using democracy to promote the Moroccan dictatorship for political contributions and jet set ,the octopus king’s regime is planting terrorism seeds everywhere using the mosques as safe houses for the regime’s security apparatus like ABDELLKHTIF THAN_MMOUCHI (عبد اللخطيف طحنموشي),CHAITANE MANSOURI(rat) (شايتان المنصوري),ABDELHMAR AL KHIAKH (عبد الحمار الخيا خ), these demonic trios are concocting terrorist attacks ,and when they feel the heat, they  orchestrate fake terrorist cells dismantling scenes for political and financial gain while at the same time deflecting the western countries pressure ,they’re still continuing to spread their demagoguery poison combining with corruption aided by the French blessing.


The latest treat the octopus king got for his crooked ambassador to the USA who is his aunt, on the Moroccan people’s back and it worth $14 000 000 which equal DH 131 811 400.00, the supposedly one of the poorest counties in the world buying a mansion for that amount to be in the wealthiest neighborhood in DC, and the octopus king throws in jail people asking for a basic necessity, and turning around taking MAD 131 811 400.00 from the public coffers to buy his crooked and dumb aunt a mansion, and don’t forget the $ 4000 000 equal MAD 42494615.81 his crooked Assalma got a mansion on the greek island shores , you’re kidding ? Right? Apparently not!!!! He is the worst criminal ever, so the new deed lists the kingdom of Morocco as the new owner. The house has seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and three half-baths, The home is less than 500 feet from the property treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin bought for $12.6 million in February, amid a string of multimillion-dollar home sales fueled by trump administration officials. in May, Kellyann Conway, counselor to president trump, and 
her attorney husband paid $7.785 million for a 15,000-square-foot home also in massachusetts avenue nearby kalorama, meanwhile, laurence siegel, the retired ceo of the mills corp. (nyse: mls), and his wife, lisa, recently bought the house at 2425 tracy place nw for $6.1 million— the most expensive june sale in the D,C. region. also this year, barack and Michelle Obama bought their kalorama home for $8.1 million, while secretary of state rex tillerson paid $5.6 million for his kalorama abode.And you can see why the octopus king ,is going there he is obsessed with trump,and he needs his backing ,cause he knows that he is in deep shit until his eyeballs,so all the who’s who of the trump administration is in the neighborhood ,can you imagine what going to happen, the crooked Moroccan ambassador will go on party frenzy to lure the like of Conway and mnuchin and tillerson,so the octopus king can buy himself back to TRUMP camp ,after the fiasco he committed by financing the crooked Hillary to the tune of $12.000.000 ,which cost Hillary the election ,but trump don’t play the octopus king small league he sent him back home crying to his mama ,in Miami and in Paris.



As a shot across the bow to the French government, for supporting a Moroccan dictatorship while the French are enjoying democracy and its benefits ,forgetting that the French got the rid of the monarchy more than two centuries ago, for its ineffectiveness, corruption, opulence, in another way for the same reasons the Moroccan Republicans want to finish the Alaouite monarchy masquerade ,but the French are doing everything they can to sustain the Moroccan dictatorship, regardless of the price tag, which let us conclude that the French are accomplices in prolonging the dictatorship with all its devastating effects on Moroccans, but we have the ultimate conviction that the Moroccan people deserve a lot better. And that’s why we’ll initiate a peaceful but an effective means in the form of FBDS (French Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)we know that they have their interests Moroccan Republicans are pragmatics and socioeconomics advocates,
but the French should know also that as a result of their irresponsible behavior we lost our dignity, our human rights and more as a matter of fact by taking the dictator side they’re losing in the long run, and as a starting point we’re in the process of putting a finishing touches on MBDS (Moroccan, Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) which include tourism ,exports ,and the regimes propaganda conferences abroad ,given that the octopus king total control on the economy, so we will make him understand that there is a price to pay for slaving Moroccans, he had a free ride and still no accountability or restrictions ,and he abused his privileges unscrupulously .So we will say in unison ENOUGH is ENOUGH, he will try as he usually does, to release his goons to intimidate, jail, or even kill , and divide to conquer the movement ,but time is on the Republicans side , because Morocco is heading to a wall , and it’s too late to change the course , and the regime relentless attacks are a background noise it will dissipate with the regime’s fall, The French are the chief responsible for Africa in general and Morocco in particular pitfalls 
they should know as should every other western country ,what we call commonly the enablers that supporting dictators, it increases poverty immigration terrorism for the desperate , , which exacerbate the load on the European and North American security and social services, adding, to families disruptions for the oppressed ,the brain drain which push morocco back more than it already is and the Moroccan example is applicable to any African nation for that matter . The remittances from MRA (Moroccans Residing Abroad) are a lifeline to the dictator who feeds on a hard currency and illicit practices among other sources of revenue. Like illicit drug export, whipping out natural resources unchecked, It’s an infernal cycle of which the Moroccan people are paying a hefty price and will ,but the westerners are not escaping from the consequences either, and they should get the message by now, just by looking at the terrorists acts beyond the act itself, most of them are Moroccans, if not all, and the first responsible is the octopus king by impoverishing people, combining with religious demagoguery and mosques construction on masse on purpose and it is a major one it consists of keeping Moroccans uneducated, which means ill-informed so it’s easy to control and to mislead , resulting in the regime taking advantage of the wealth and the country’s resources no questions asked , the Moroccan regime is a snake and the octopus king is its head, everybody knows by now how to neutralize a snake





DGED (Directorate General of Studies and Documentation) under the direction of Mohamed Yassine Man-souri (Man-rat) since 2005, it is the octopus king’s informants "BARGAGAS" that are scattered all over the world in the consular services, with a More concentration in countries with a larger Moroccan community, and obviously they have snitches  among the MRA(Moroccans Residing Abroad), such as in mosques, and this is one reason why the Moroccan regime encourages the construction of mosques in the country and abroad Firstly to anesthetize the MRA and  make them insensitive to the fate of their compatriots oppressed in Morocco by the octopus king's regime , secondly, in order to have the MRA subjects together in the same place so it is easy to work on them, in other words, to monitor them, Consequently the mosques are rendered a highly coveted source of information,
unfortunately there is a majority of our compatriots who fell in this Trap, and these rats even infiltrated among imams residing abroad, or those sent on religious occasions such as Ramadan, and that's why the Republicans are going to separate the religion from politics ,so nobody will use religion for political gain, or vice versa ,and furthermore  the DGED and its pawns are people who betray the country for the benefit of the royal family and its fraudulent and  Mafia-like practices, the flight of capital, gold, torture, oppression, fraud ........ In other words, they are like the plague and they are very expensive and costly because they hire foreign companies for propaganda And tailing, currently, Republicans we are working to unmask them for our compatriots and so for the host countries.
Other agencies that protect the octopus king and his goons, instead of protecting the country, nevertheless there are some compatriots in these mafia agencies, who are working behind the scene to rectify the situation and by doing so they are trying to save the country from the octopus king and his mafia, by providing us with assistance, without going into details about this assistance, we value them for their irreproachable patriotism.
• Under the supervision of the Ministry of the Interior:
 Moroccan General Information (GR)
 Directorate General for Territorial Surveillance (DST)
 Directorate General of Internal Affairs (DGAI)
• Under the supervision of the Royal Armed Forces
 2nd Bureau (2B)
 5th Bureau (5B)
Intelligence Service of the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie (SRGR)


Well the octopus king’s regime or precisely the MKRA  (Moroccan king, Residing, Abroad ), is in his last throws ,so it is in a full panic mode ,as a result the regime’s goons and prostitutes are flooding the web by YouTube channels and fake FB accounts  like a sausage machine, once the channel is burned, which means it loses the viewers interest the mouthpieces change the channel name and go at it again, and they’re using the same keywords to hook the Moroccan people and to whitewash  the octopus king and his criminals from any wrong doing, These idiotic channels try to present us the octopus king as a great strategist, and a thinker, Ha! Ha! Ha! The guy is not even able to put two words together, and in the rare moments that a lost microphone has picked up a word from him, as in the case with MACRO, not MACRON to hear him speak, the octopus king seems like a 14 years old speaking, what a fraud, Morocco is jerked around by a teenager, and the selfies prove it among other things, as for the keywords are as follow,
”urgent’ ”danger” ’surprise” Morocco slaps this country or that one “and usually they slap the same boogeymen “Algeria, or Polisario ” honestly by the garbage regime’s channels propaganda and a cheap one at that, Morocco slaps everything it moves,and the most infamous channel is MCMXL SIEGFRIED,changed to HASSAN ALMAGHRIBI ..SIEGFRIED, well one of our Republican compatriots did identify the scum bag, even with his proxy ,and it turns out to be a known pedophile, we have his credentials ,once he knew that we're getting to him he did remove his garbage videos about torture tools, bottles, and other sick sadistic toys,we will put his profile once we get the information about the hiring entity ,we're following the money trail. as for the keywords, urgent or dangerous well the ordinary Moroccans they buy the scam hook line and sinker, and the channels, are trying to muddy the waters, to peel off the revolt's support and to put a damper on the movement, at the same time they’re ripping off the AdSense, by fraudulent tactics, as for  the mafia apparatus, like DGED the general directorate for studies and documentation ,or
DST internal intelligence agency of the Moroccan regime are parading their prostitutes like they are an ordinary citizens who have the country future at heart ,but in effect the only thing they have at heart is the octopus king’s mafia and his criminal regime’s future and the status quo to keep the rip off going, but people with Morocco Republicans help are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Which means the end of the Alaouite mafia, and corruption, repression oppression, theft.  And the time for Morocco to join the free and democratic nations as a Republic. And the end of the despot, dictator, and his slavery regime.