The Moroccan regime is working as a Ponzi scheme, which will make "Bernie" Madoff look, like a shoplifter, they are pocketing the country's resources, while contracting loans on behalf of the country to pay the previous loans, by doing so putting the country on a collision course with the creditors, as a result of which the poor Moroccans and believe it or not more than half of country. will get even poorer if you read the octopus regime statistics you think that you're living in Canada,or the United States, the official unemployment rate declared by the octopus regime is at 5 to 7% but in a fact is more than 30%, as of the rich few, the octopus king at the helm are sheltering their stolen goods abroad, like Panama Switzerland, France. but 
they felt the heat after the Panama papers so they switched part of the heist to Africa, which has a lot of dictatorships and the accountability is almost to none  existent, and that’s as of late the octopus king was using the Sahara  conflict as a pretext to invest and hide the heist’s money, and this will send us back to the Moroccan export, the most valuable resources, besides fisheries, and agriculture are phosphates, mining commodities like copper, silver and gold, and surprise surprise guess who is the owner? yes, you're right the octopus king, and the other valuable commodity by the way  Morocco is sitting on the world’s throne for decades now, well yes the green gold (hashish) which devastated Europe, and financed Isis which comprises a sizable Moroccan representation....


That was sent by the Moroccan regime as a  request from and pay for by the Saudi barbaric, like they send the Moroccan mercenaries to Yemen, which has nothing to do with Moroccans, as a result the octopus king has the Yemeni blood on his hand, and the Saudi ruthless regime want to bring down Assad, regardless of the cost or  the devastation  inflicted on the Syrian population, first as message to Iran but most and foremost  to sabotage the revolution's success like they did in Egypt, Libya, and tried in Tunisia but failed, so not to give the Saudis, the Bahraini, the Jordanians, the Moroccans.populations. Successful examples to follow. and now you know why the Moroccan ruthless security apparatus, give sometimes a heads up to the Europeans, and other countries not because the Moroccan regime security apparatus is good, but because they did send them there in the first place, and the receiving countries thanks to the arsonist for helping to put out the fire. Morocco, contrary to the regime’s representatives pathological liars refrain on the world stage that Morocco is an exception and on the move, it’s laughable lie, 
Morocco it’s a deception and yes on the move to a disaster, case in point the north-south and most of the regions are simmering and bursting  despite the ruthless regime oppression and scare tactics, and by waging a relentless electronic war, and even using mosques to disseminate their propaganda, and send veiled threats through the imam's sermons, which obviously are writing by the Moroccan regime 's thugs, you’re warned. The Moroccan regime by its ruthlessness and oppression, corruption, theft including the octopus king on the helm, created a time bomb, so the western enablers you’re sleepwalking to a disaster, greater than Syria, the refugee’s invasion will be of a magnitude never seen in history period, if you didn’t notice Morocco is literally on Europe’s doormat. there is one solution and one only the "Morocco Republic" time comes, otherwise you're kicking the can down the road, to push the inevitable further, which will worsen the consequences ten-fold, cause the octopus king won’t change, and even worst he is extorting and pushing the country backward to a ravine, don't buy his crap anymore, he is a pathological liar, and in his mind if he can’t have it nobody should, or would.the octopus king, radicalized the country by trying to put the population to sleep with the none stop mosques construction instead of schools policies, which created zombies and ghosts like the ones you see in the pictures  and it's a direct  consequence.