This the direct effect of the disastrous education system, poverty, oppression, police state process lock people in, no hobbies to speak off, as a result, Morocco is the third Arab country in carceral population rate, and the sixtieth in the world, the Moroccan  prison population doubled in a span of seven years, and the scary number is 73 % of the incarcerated people age is between 25 to 42 years old,these are  the human productive years ,and when you 've been processed in the system,you're done no more life after it ,even if 
you were innocent in the first place you graduate from the gulag as a criminal to make a living ,and the cycle repeat itself ad Vitam eternam It's a manifestation of a regime that is out of control and by  the corrupt regime own estimate and flagrant admission, that around 19000 prisoners are incarcerated, for no crime at all, in the octopus king father H2 era a ruthless dictator there was what we commonly called  the lead era, and furthermore  he was not wishy-washy about it, you got what you see, deserve that is another story....


 Now under the octopus king son M_sucks .you have the same crap but packaged differently with a public relations touch to it, so it appears harmless and acceptable to Moroccans, not to the ones at the end of the stick, so the corrupt regime is pushing the system already dysfunctional.unjust and badly broken to the brink, with an occupancy level higher than 200 %, and a lot of them are a civil conscientious objectors ,well the regime has a prepackaged accusations to go, like a , drive through , and as everybody knows by now that the universal mantra is you're innocent until proven guilty, not  by the Moroccan regime corrupt system, they simplify the process, for them is 
a waste of time, and after all the regime is there to make money not justice, so the regime works by its own mantra, you are guilty until proven wealthy.  so, as a result, we end up with an incalculable number of innocent people behind bars, for something, somebody else with the right stuff like the right connections, family.. money,... did but the poor is paying for it and his family too with the stigma attach to it and the corrupt system is like a saw that cuts both ways and it  sucks the little life and money they have to start with.