The Moroccan regime is known as one of the ruthless regimes in the world, when you say ruthless, it goes hand and hand with corrupt, the Moroccan regime is corrupt to the core, and it cost the elections to  most of the western leaders who get associated with it, Hilary Clinton, case in point, and Sarkozy well this one didn't need that much help of the Moroccan regime ,he is in it to his eyeballs, the last French president Hollande didn't put his candidacy again, cause he felt  the election corruption investigation heat around him so he turned his reelection bid switch this is a warning to any world leader or world renowned artists for that matter  who want to associate themselves with the Moroccan regime to think about it twice, the losses outweigh the benefits hundred to one, now we're going to discuss the ruthless regime guided by none other  than the octopus king Mohammed sucks (m6) himself, 
who is living an opulent life even by the world filthy rich standard, by taking over anything valuable in Morocco, he is the first insurer, farmer, banker, supermarkets, mining  ,housing well he got all of it, and want to keep it that way so, to do that  he needs accomplices and a  security apparatus ,that's willing to do the unthinkable things to people to keep them under the foot, among other despicable acts, one of the handiwork the Moroccan regime uses on the opposition is making them sit on bottles, anal torture, and even violates, rapes  their families. and it was documented by different human rights organizations...and the ruthless Moroccan regime become adapt to the public relations, by the lobbyists help, in the European Union, and the  American Congress and they play them like a fiddle, the most used tool as of late  by the ruthless regime is terrorism, like slapping terrorism accusation on the opposition and the Moroccan regime plays the arsonist and the fireman, most of the terrorist acts are committed by Moroccans, adding to that there are around 12000 Moroccans prisoners in Europe alone, the ruthless regime spreads the awkward religion, by building mosques, in Europe, and the Europeans are so dazed they let it happen......


the Moroccan regime sends their demagogues,(imams) to Europe and Canada, western democracies as a Trojan horse, to dumb down and indoctrinate Moroccans also by the consulate personals help who are regime's spies on Moroccans and nothing else, and it has two purposes the first, to  insulate them from the welcoming  countries, citizens, so it's easy to control them and they're not influenced by the liberal way of thinking, like freedom, equality, justice, meritocracy, and as a result they  could ask for their families or compatriots  rights  back home and also show the Moroccan regime true face.., and the other purpose and this one is the  most important, so by keeping Moroccans isolated, they don't participate fully in the consumer based economies ,but they do  most of their business with the halal stores most of them owned by their like-minded compatriots, and most of those stores are taxes evaders, adding to that they suck the social services dry, and they send remittance, and invest in Morocco instead of the country, and as you know any dictatorship needs the hard currency badly to survive, 
furthermore once the money is in Morocco the regime  screws its own citizens  in the exchange rate, and as result the Moroccan regime never had higher hard currency reserves than now. yes add to that almost the fifth of the population immigrated all over the world so it’s a benefit to the ruthless regime more than to anybody else, so the western world countries  if they want to solve the terrorism issue they should go to the source ,and that's where arises from the ruthless regimes like the Moroccan one, that uses and abuses its citizens, and believe  me, the excuse that a lot of the terrorists are western born yes, but are  country of origin formed, so we did  come to the conclusion by studying a lot of regimes Morocco at the helm, that immigration as a whole is becoming more and more  as the dictators lifeline .so to fix the issue at hand is to institute a real democracy, which means a "Morocco Republic" ,anything else like keeping the status quo  is creating a social time bomb, that will destabilize the continent to an extent but mostly Europe will be negatively affected, of alike never seen before ,believe me Moroccans are ready for the great leap, regardless of the octopus king and his goons scare tactics.