This is the huge problem if not the worst  crime, the Moroccan regime committed and still, is depriving  around 800 000 children a year  from access to education,this is an essential component in the social time bomb that the Moroccan regime is creating year after year ,guess where those children will  end up,  they end up in child prostitution ring or homeless and they are almost 50000, more than 10000 of them in Casablanca alone, or if they're a bit  lucky, the girls  end up as domestic  workers, exploited by well to do families, working 16 to 20 hours a day, and getting abused physically burned, maltreated, even killed  for a dollar  or less a day, the total amount which sent to their families back home,and the children they suffer in silence, if they protest or report the abuse they get fired, and their family lose the only revenue they have, imagine 5 -8-10-12 years old working to feed the family instead of attending school,wasted childhood ,and they suffer irreparable psychological damage on the top of it , it's hell on earth , 
I may  add that most well to do families won't hire 18 years or older, cause the women are scared to lose their husbands to the workers.and what the corrupt Moroccan regime has done to fix the issue it created in the first place? well  instead of helping the domestic children and their poverty-stricken families, and after some timid pressure from some associations, the corrupt regime  voted a law that supposedly by which forbidding the well to do families from hiring children under 15 years old,and nothing for the needy children and their families who most of them live in the rural regions in abject poverty ,but the issue beside that the Moroccan regime legal system it's for outside consumption and it's strictly applied to the poor  it is laughable well it's not and the reason, there are  unthinkable numbers of innocent victims in the prisons, well prison is nice name for those gulags  which we will touch on in the prisons segment in the site 


It's disgraceful to have a regime who doesn't have an ounce of humanity ,wasting the childhood of millions,for what ?just to have more palaces ,and billions they don't need to live anyway, the octopus king is taking a 1million dollar a day, from the poor people coffers,and he could forego that money, which can be used let say to save at least homeless children and provide them with shelters and education to right the wrong, no instead he is going berzerk on protocols, palaces, slaves, and if you hear the Moroccan media you think they're talking about God,and by the way no consequences if you insult God, but don't insult the octopus king, so by deduction he is more valuable than God, actually they put the North Korean regime to shame, just on the children homelessness issue and education, is a sufficient reason to change the governing system to a 
REPUBLIC OF MOROCCO , just the tremendous amount of money saved by that change alone ,you can finance the education system hundreds of times over among other things , I got personally so pumped up when I see the neglect and the abuse the children go through ,and I blame the adults as whole for keeping an abusive and corrupt regime in place by doing so their children will inherit  a handicap ,and an important one , the lack of freedom ,and opportunity  ,if I hear somebody tell me well the octopus king is not aware, well I'm not a violent person in nature, believe me, i would punch him in the face,and the Moroccan people should know that the only thing the regime has to do with Morocco is sucking its blood to the last drop ,the corrupt Moroccan regime doesn't care about education cause they send their children abroad,or for the health neither, they do the same...,and... and , as far as we are concerned the octopus king  has no value for the country in general and for us in particular,on the contrary he is a disaster already happening and the bigger one is  waiting to happen all the ingredients are there, and he personifies the corrupt Moroccan regime.he has absolute power, and like we say "absolute power corrupt absolutely"so he will do a humanity a favor if he flies away , or he will face a trial sooner or later and will guaranty him a fair trial which the population never had, the Moroccan royal family and its goons are cancer eating MOROCCO a life .